In January of 2011 I was sued by a former employer for alerting the State Health Plan to an issue that was causing the Plan to pay more than its contract had intended.

In that suit my former employer stated that it had 'learned' (in the fall of 2010 or early 2011) that I had contacted the SBI about the matter and that an SBI agent had had a conversation with an Assistant Attorney General about it.

As is evidenced by the documents below, the AG's office put into writing to me that there was 'no investigation' of this matter prior to September of 2012.  (See "AG's Letter to Vincoli...")

The AG's office also states that it has no record of being contacted by Forsyth DA O'Neill prior to September 2012 (even though his letter to me states that he contacted them prior to April 2012...the date of his letter (see Forsyth DA O'Neill's Letter to Vincoli)).

SBI Agent Williams' letter to DA O'Neill (below) was sent in September of 2012.  Ironically, it quotes the exact same language of his conversation with the Assistant AG that my former employer quoted in January of 2011.  

Keep in mind that the Assistant AG has stated that prior to September of 2012 there was no investigation whatsoever.

I recently notified the head of the NC SBI of these facts.

I was pleased to see that he has opened an internal investigation (see SBI Letter to Vincoli...).

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